IDF Uniform Colors


ערכת צבעים של מדי צה”ל




IDF Uniform Colors Set AK11631
ערכה של 6 צבעים לצביעת דמויות של חיילי צה”ל בעבר ובהווה

הערכה כוללת:
The set contains:
AK11412 IDF Uniform Base (Medium Green).
AK11147 IDF Uniform Lights (Olive Green).
AK11344 IDF Sand Uniform Shadows (Field Drab) (FS30118).
AK11436 IDF Uniform Base (Canvas Tone).
AK11422 IDF Uniform Lights (Ocher Khaki).
AK11418 Brown Black.

IDF Uniform Colors AK-11631
This 3Gen set includes a selection of tones for painting any Israeli Defense Forces soldier, from past wars, to the present day.
These colors can be mixed to get several different tones for shadows and lights, because all this uniforms can have different worn tones.
By mixing them together, you can achieve a multitude of shades to vary the chromatic range of these uniforms.


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משקל 227.40 g


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6X 17ml

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