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Tracks and Wheels Set AK11672
ערכה של 6 צבעים לצביעת כל סוגי הזחלים והגלגלים בדגמי רכבים ודגמי רק”מ

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The set contains:

  • AK11029 Black.
  • AK11027 Rubber/Tires (Rubber Black).
  • AK11108 Rusty Tracks (Hull Red).
  • AK11111 Dark Tracks (Burnt Umber).
  • AK11008 Dust Color (Grimy Grey).
  • AK11058 Dry Light Mud Color (Decomposed Flesh).

Tracks and Wheels Set  AK-11672
The six colors included in this 3rd Generation acrylic paint set are specially designed to help the modeler in creating a realistic appearance for all types of wheels and tracks on vehicles.
This set contains a Black color to represent new tires and Rubber Black color intended for worn older tires.
Also included are two different track colors: a Rusty Track color for reproducing fresh rust that might be observed on the tracks of an abandoned AFV, and a Dark Track color that accurately represents the appearance of operational tracks.
Finally, we provide a Dust color and a Dry Light Mud color, which will allow you to easily recreate convincing dirt and dust effects on your wheels and tracks using such methods as the dry brush technique.

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