US Army Soldier Uniform


צבעי מדי חייל בצבא ארה”ב




US Army Soldier Uniform AK3070
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AK-790 IDF Sinai Grey Modern
AK-791 IDF Sinai Grey 82
AK-792 IDF Sand Grey 73
AK-793 IDF Green
AK-794 SLA Blue
AK-795 LAF Green

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US Army Soldier Uniform AK-3070
Belonging to our Figure Series line of high quality acrylic paints this set of six colors have been designed to offer optimal coverage when applied by brush. This set has been developed to paint figures with the most commonly seen uniforms worn by American soldiers during WWII. This set contains six matte paints of extremely high quality, whose coverage and drying abilities will help you to maximize your potential. High quality results with little effort or complication
Our figure series paints can be applied by both brush and airbrush. When airbrushing we recommend diluting with 40% AK 712 thinner. Tap water can be used; however, we recommend our specific thinner AK 712 for best results.
This set contains:
AK3071 M-43 Uniform Green Olive.
AK3072 M-42 Uniform Green Ochre Khaki.
AK3073 Red Brown Leather.
AK3074 US Olive Drab.
AK3075 US Filed Drab.
AK3076 Canvas Tone.



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