Activator for Cyanoacrylate


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Activator for C/A AMIG-8037
מאיץ לדבקי ציאנואקרילט.
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1. מריחת החומר על שטח החיבור לפני ההדבקה. יש להמתין 10-15 לפני מריחת הדבק ואז להצמיד את החלקים במהירות.
2. מריחת החומר לאחר ההדבקה. הדבק ייתייבש תוך 2-3 שניות.
יש לנקוט בכל אמצעי הזהירות האפשריים להגנה על העיניים, הידיים והבגדים זמן השימוש בחומר.

Activator for Cyanoacrylate

Activator21 is specially formulated to accelerate the drying of cyanoacrylate glue. It has two systems of application: it can be used with the diffuser quickly and comfortably or with the brush inside for greater precision. This allows an almost immediate and highly durable union of even the smallest parts. It can be applied using two different methods:

  • Before applying cyanoacrylate: moisten the joint surface with the product and allow it to evaporate for 10-15 seconds. Then apply the glue and quickly join the two pieces together. The parts will bond almost immediately.
  • After applying cyanoacrylate: once the pieces have been joined, apply Activator over the cyanoacrylate. The joint will cure completely in 2-3 seconds, creating a very strong bond.

Be careful to seal the container tightly. Use the accelerator with the appropriate protective equipment including gloves, clothing, and eye protection while working in a well-ventilated area. Store away from heat. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.

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