WWII Luftwaffe Cockpit & Interior Set


ערכת צבעים קוקפיט ופנים של הלופטוופה מלחמת עולם II

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WWII Luftwaffe Cockpit & Interior Set AK11722
ערכה של 4 צבעים פנימיים וקוקפיט של הלופטוופה במלחמת עולם II

The set contains:

This set contains:
AK11811 RLM 02 RLM-Grau (1938)
AK11812 RLM 02 RLM-Grau (1941)
AK11819 RLM 66 (1938)
AK11820 RLM 66 (1941)

WWII Luftwaffe Cockpit & Interior AK-11722
A model aircraft reflects less light than an actual full size aircraft; this means the color applied to the model must be of a lighter shade to look the same as the full sized version. If the same color tones were applied to each, the model would appear darker as it reflects less light.


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משקל 137.8 g

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