Wolverine P.V.A. Glue


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Wolverine P.V.A. Glue AK12014
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ניתן לדלל עם מים לקבלת הדליות הרצויה. זמן לייבוש מלא כ-6 שעות (בהתאם לטמפרטורת הסביבה ועובי שכבת הדבק)

Wolverine P.V.A. Glue AK-12014

“Wolverine” is a white glue of high quality and high resistance with drying accelerator.
With all the properties of white glue and faster drying.
Especially suitable for work on transparent parts and for resistant and invisible joints. to glue wood, paper, cardboard, cork, wicker, polystyrene, foam, etc.
High viscosity extends very smoothly. It can be diluted with water to achieve the desired viscosity.
Apply with temperatures between 10 and 35ºC. and a relative humidity of 70% maximum.
Total cure in 6 hours (According to room temperature and applied thickness).

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משקל 140.6 g

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