Ultra Resistance C/A Glue


דבק C/A לשימוש כללי 3-10 שניות


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 Magnet Ultra Resistance C/A Glue AK12015 
דבק ציאנואקרילט (C/A) לשימוש כללי. בעל צמיגות נמוכה
זמן יבוש 3-10 שניות
יש לנקות את פני השטח מאבק ושומנים.
שחמושי להדבקת גומי, עור, עץ, מתכת, רזין ופלסטיק
הבקבוק מסופק כשאינו מלא עד סופו כדי לאפשר מרווח אוויר הנחוץ לשימוש תקין בדבק


Magnet Ultra Resistance C/A Glue

General-purpose cyanoacrylate 401. Fast drying, extra strong, low viscosity, specially formulated for adhesion between materials that can even have an acidic surface. Can be used with rubber, leather, wood, metal, resin and plastic. The surfaces to be joined must be free of dirt, dust and grease. A small amount of adhesive should be applied; more cyanoacrylate does not guarantee a better bond and makes more difficult the drying of the adhesive that is effective for bonding.
– 99% Cyano.
– Ethyl cyanoacrylate
– Use temperature: -55º to 120º
– Set time: between 3 and 10 seconds. The gaps and uneven surfaces can increase this setting time. It is not necessary to use clamps. Holding the pieces firmly for 10-30 seconds will ensure better adhesion.
– Definitive cure time: 24 h
– Viscosity: 110 mPa.S
– Shear strength: 21.0 MPa

* Bottles are not filled at a 100% to leave some air and make it work properly.

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