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Rubber Brushes Set AMIG-7606
ערכת מכחולים מגומי (5 מכחולים)
מכחול גומי שימושי מאוד ליישום פיגמנטים, פיסול בפאטי וצביעת חלקים קטנים דוגמת לוח מכשירים בקוקפיט

Extremely versatile rubber-tipped brushes specially designed for modelling. this versatile tool can be used to apply and blend pigments on various elements such as weapons, tools, tow cables, and chains. Simply use a small amount of pigment on the tip of the brush and rub the surface area. You can even create colour gradations by simply altering the pressure exerted on the parts.

Rubber Brushes are also useful for modelling figures or other elements with sculpting putties. They can even be used to paint small details with acrylics such as cockpit instruments in aircraft.

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