Holographic Paint


צבע לאפקט צבעי קשת


מק"ט: 1673 קטגוריות: , , תגיות: , ,


Holographic Paint 1673
צבע על בסיס אלכוהול
לצביעה באיירבראש
יוצר אפקט צבעוני של צבעי הקשת עם ברק מתכתי

Holographic Paint
An alcohol-based paint with microparticles which catch light reflections of various wave lengths, creating a bright rainbow effect with an impressive multi-coloured iridescent and metallic finish.
For use, choose any gloss colour for the basecoat. The finish will change depending on the amount of layers applied, the more layers the more intense the metallic finish will be, but too many layers may diminish the holographic effect. The microparticles on the surface will reflect the rainbow effect when exposed to any light source. Gloss varnish will increase the effect, whilst matt varnish will diminish it. It is not required to dilute.
Valid only for airbrush.

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משקל 31.90 g
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