Flexible Airbrush Stencil


שבלונות לצביעה 




Flexible Airbrush Stencil-9080
שבלונות לצביעה לדגמים בקנ”מ 1/48, 1/72

The best stencil for your modeling needs. Easily enhance visual interest and create the perfect background for weathering.
The Airbrush Stencil is flexible, easy to adapt, it doesn’t damage the surface, easy to clean and is versatile enough to be used for any scale.
-Place the stencil in place.
-Start with a color(s) similar to the base color.
-Spray layers using highly diluted paint.
-Avoid heavy paint accumulations, drips and puddles.
-Experiment and have fun, we are making scale models.

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משקל 7.40 g
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