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Abteilung Oil Colors – Fast Dry Thinner ABT-113
מדלל עם יבוש מהיר לצבעי שמן ואנאמל
מקצר את זמן הייבוש של וושים, פילטרים ומזגגים. מתאים לכל צבעי השמן וצבעי אנאמל בשוק.

Thinner medium for oil colors specially designed to improve and shorten the drying time of the washes, filters and glazes. It accelerates drying of any oil colors and enamel paints in the market. It doesn´t change or modify the quality characteristics of the oils pigments, and allows to obtain undertones and permanent washes. It doesn´t get yellowish or crack. Dries quickly to add more flexibility and agility to your works.

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משקל 113 g

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