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Conductive Paint 2100
צבע מוליך
צבע על בסיס מים המשמש כמוליך חשמלי לבניית דגמים ובניית דיורמות
מומלץ למתח 3-9 וולט

Conductive Paint
Highly conductive waterbased paint with silver specially formulated for model and diorama building, or in electronics such as LED connections, circuit paths, repairing circuit boards and others. Can be used on a variety of surfaces including plastic, resins, metal, paper and wood.
Paint must be applied in homogenous layers, without needing to be too thick. Once the paint has fully dried, it will act as a conductor of electricity up to at least 30-40cm without losing any conductivity. We recommend to use 3V to 9V batteries.

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משקל 31.40 g
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