Thick Mud Texture – European Mud


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Thick Mud Texture – European Mud 26.807
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Thick Mud Texture – European Mud 26807
The placement of our model in a diorama or vignette gives it a reality, a background and a history, an added dimension and a reason for the humidity, the traces of mud, of the dry sand of the desert or the dark earth of the wooded landscapes of central Europe. The range of Diorama Effects offers the modeler everything needed for the reproduction of a terrain, with effects of sandy and dusty roads, or of snow, mud and water, all of which add to the realism of the setting and relate the model to its environment.
Safety: Diorama Effects is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Please see also certified safety information of the product on the Safety page.
Packaging: Available in 200 ml./6.76 fl.oz. Pots.
Applications: Light Brown Thick Mud, the color of mud occurring on alkaline lands, in dry climates of desert and Mediterranean areas, which due to their sandy nature easily absorb humidity.

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