Luftwaffe colors pre-war to 1941


צבעי מטוסי הלופטוופה עד 1941




Luftwaffe colors pre-war to 1941 71.165
ערכה של 8 צבעים של מטוסי הלופטוופה לפני מלחמת העולם השנייה, עד 1941

צבעים הכלולים בערכה (Model Air)
71.042 Dark Brown RLM61
71.104 Green RLM62
71.260 Light Grey RLM63
71.255 Light Blue RLM65
71.021 Black Green
71.015 Dark Green RLM71
71.044 Grey RLM02
71.078 Yellow RLM04

Luftwaffe colors pre-war to 1941 71165
Set of Model Air colors developed for the camouflage patterns of any type WWII Luftwaffe aircraft previous to the WWII and the Spanish Civil War (Condor Legion), as well as for the campaigns and initial phases of the conflict in Poland, Northern Europe, and the battles of France and England.

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