Flesh and Skin Colors


ערכת צבעי עור ופנים




Flesh and Skin Colors Set AK11621
ערכה של 6 צבעים בגווני פנים ועור לצביעת דמויות

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The set contains:
AK11405 Dark Shadow Flesh.
AK11404 Shadow Flesh.
AK11401 Base Flesh.
AK11402 Light Flesh.
AK11403 Highlight Flesh.
AK11406 Reddish Black (Cheekbone Glaze).

Flesh and Skin Colors AK-11621
This 3Gen set of six colors have been designed to paint skin and flesh tones in miniature (previously AK3010).
These colors have been designed to paint a basic skin color and can be used on any type of figure with excellent results with a very special tones.
Changing the base color by adding varying amounts of included tones allows for endless possibilities in the creation of flesh tones affected by time, sun exposure, geography, and race.
Flesh and Skin Colors will allow you to achieve high quality results with little effort or complication.


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משקל 227.10 g


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6X 17ml

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