Wash for Grey Decks


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Wash for Grey Decks AK302
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חומרי עזר מומלצים:
טינר אנאמל: (35 מ”ל), (100 מ”ל)
ספירט חסר ריח: (35 מ”ל), (100 מ”ל)

Wash for Grey Decks AK-302
Enamel type wash for modelling
This enamel wash is specially designed to bring out the details in gray warships typical of many nationalities from the Kriegsmarine, United States Navy, or Imperial Japanese Navy. Also it can be used in other subjects such as aircraft or gray tanks.
The basic technique used to weather any type of model is the wash, a classic technique that is still one of the most used techniques in modelling today. Apply the washes after shaking the bottle with a large brush to pick out details and creating shadows. The excess of the wash can be easily removed with a clean brush and White Spirit.

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