TWM Issue 1. Rust


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TWM Issue 1. Rust .A.MIG-4500
ספר הדרכה מסדרת ספרים העוסקים בטכניקות ווטרינג (Weathering) וגימור דגמים.
ספר מס’ 1 עוסק בחלודה ומסביר טכניקות שונות ליצירת אפקטים של חלודה על דגמי ספינות, טנקים, שרשראות, כלי רכב אזרחיים ועוד.

The Weathering Magazine Issue 1. Rust
Finally after a long wait and thousands of requests, the reprint of the very popular Issue 1 of The Weathering Magazine is available. With issue 1, we introduced a brand new idea to the modeling world, a quarterly magazine exclusively dedicated to weathering effects and painting techniques. This magazine has a very special structure, covering all aspects of the most realistic and necessary painting techniques used by modelers today. Here you will find these techniques explained by the very best modelers, making the techniques simple to understand and easy to learn.  This is a re-edition of the Issue 1, dedicated to rust. It will show you many different methods of application for ships, tanks, tracks, civilian vehicles, and much more. This issue has 16 additional pages to learn and enjoy even more. As always, these techniques will be explained by the best modelers in the world.  The Weathering Magazine is the perfect paint reference guide to collect and create the most diverse painting encyclopedia in a modeler’s library, the essential reference for any modeler. We can finally enjoy the reprint of this issue which covers in depth the techniques needed to create the most realistic rust effects of every kind.

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