Stony Mountain – Spring


אדמת הר סלעית באביב

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Stony Mountain – Spring AMIG-8358
בסיס לדגם או לדיורמה המייצג אדמת הר סלעית בתקופת האביב.
גודל 230X130 מ”מ
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Stony Mountain – Spring
This product represents a stony mountain ground in the in a realistic way, including bush, earth, vegetation and usual colors in this landscape. You can use it directly as base for vehicles or figures without the need for painting. You can also cut through easily with scissors and adapt to roads and paths shapes to create great scenarios and dioramas. It can be easily attached with white glue. The most effective way to set our vehicles or help us to create a diorama. Dimensions 230 x 130 mm.

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משקל 134.20 גרם
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