Model Air RAF Coastal Command 1939-1945


מטוסי פיקוד החוף הבריטי 1939-1945

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RAF Colors Coastal Command 1939-1945 71.148
ערכה של 8 צבעים של מטוסי פיקוד החוף של הצבא הבריטי בשנים 1939-1945

צבעים הכלולים בערכה (Model Air)

BS Dark Green 71324
Dark Grey 71110
Dark Slate Grey 71309
Sky Type S 71302
Sky Blue 71306
Black 71057
Insignia White 71279



RAF Colors Coastal Command 1939-1945
This set has been developed for painting the aircraft of the RAF Coastal Command, for land based aircraft as well as for seaplanes, from 1939 until the end of the war.
The set includes the colors for the  air plane profiles and  camouflage patterns  drawn by Mark Rolfe. With the collaboration of “Pieza a Pieza.

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