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Pick & Place Double Ended PTW1135
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לחידוש תכונת ההדבקה של הקצה ניתן “לגלגל” אותו על צידו הדביק של נייר דבק משרדי

Modelcraft Pick & Place Double Ended Tool
For picking up & pinpoint placing of small objects
Sticky silicone tips for accurate handling
For plastic model components, decals, beads, gems, glitters & stamps

Accurately pick & place small components using the specially designed tacky silicone tips, perfect for delicate tasks. Ideal for photo-etch parts, plastic and resin model components and decals. Handle delicate components without fear of damage. The impregnated silicone tips allow you to gently lift without harm. Double ended, lightweight tool with small and large tip sizes

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