Stainless Steel Paint Mixers


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Stainless Steel Paint Mixers AMIG-8003
כדוריות ערבול אל-חלד בקוטר 5 מ”מ. לשיפור ערבול הצבע מומלץ להוסיף שתי כדוריות למיכל הצבע.
70-80 יחידות באריזה.

Stainless Steel Paint Mixers
This set includes between 70 and 80 stainless steel balls (5mm diameter) perfect for use as agitators in any paint. Add a pair to your jars and paintwork will be much easier, faster, and effective. To make a paint reach its optimum performance, it is necessary that all components are thoroughly mixed. Valid for acrylics, lacquers, enamels and any other type of liquid paint. Will not rust or alter the color.

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משקל 68.20 גרם


כמות באריזה

70-80 יח'

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