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Mister Paint Duraluminium MRP-8
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MRP-8 Duraluminium
Did you know that Duraluminium was a German invention? It was discovered back in 1906 by Alfred Wilm in the City of Dueren (DURAL). It may have been a bright idea to create it, the material however is not the brightest in terms of tone. Mr. Paint delivers a DURAL tone which is a tiny bit darker than the ALC version of this alloy. I like it because contrast is always a good thing.
MR.PAINT is an acrylic colour designed for spraying with your airbrush. The colour is pre-thinned in preparation for immediate use. In case of further need, we recommend thinning the colour with our own MR. Thinner. The MR.Thinner can also clean your airbrush after use. For cleaning tools / kits we recommend our MR. Cleaner or another cleaner designed for cleaning airbrushes after using acrylic colours.

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