Mouldline Remover


כלי להסרת שאריות חומר מיותר מקויי היציקה




Mouldline Remover PSP1000
כלי להסרה, ו”גילוח” של עודפים לאורך קוי החלקים לאחר הסרתם מעץ החלקים

• Remove mould lines & shave unwanted sprues
• Draw the steel edge along the mould line or against the sprue to remove, leaving a smooth finish
• Use on plastic model sprues, photo etch parts or metal war gaming miniatures. preparing surfaces for undercoat painting
• Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and added control

This mould line cleaning tool is an essential addition to the modeller’s tool box. The stainless-steel edge complete with ergonomic handle makes easy work of smoothing away unwanted sprue or mould lines without damaging the models surface. Excellent for preparing surfaces for undercoating. Can be used on plastic model sprues, photo etch parts and metal war gaming miniatures.

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