Mini Vice 30mm


מיני מלחציים 30 מ”מ

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Mini Vice 30mm PVC1650
מלחציים מיני. עם פיני אחיזה מניילון הניתנים להעברה בין 12 קדחים שונים
כלי עבודה אידאלי להחזקת חלקים קטנים. מפתח עד 30 מ”מ

For holding smaller parts in place and working in detail
Four non-marking nylon grips, easily repositioned to hold various shapes
The recessed base is designed for use in larger bench vice
Vice Jaw capacity: 30mm

The Non-mar nylon grips can be mounted on the top of the vice jaws in 12 different locations to hold curved, convex or concave objects. Ideal for modelling, repairing, painting or gluing applications. Alternatively, remove pins to use as a smooth jaw vice. This versatile mini vice is perfect for a wide range or precise hobby uses


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