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Metal Burnishing Fluid AK159
נוזל להשחמת שרשראות. מתאים לשרשראות מתכת לבנה. יש לטבול את השרשרת בנוזל לזמן קצר מאוד. להוציא ולהמתין לייבוש. באם ההשחמה אינה מספיקה ניתן לחזור על התהליך מספר פעמים. עד לקבלת האפקט הרצוי.
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Metal Burnishing Fluid AK-159
A new faster formula (works in seconds), and at a more competitive price. We have extensively tested and formulated, and improved this product, here at AK-Interactive. With our Metal Burnishing fluid, you can naturally weather and rust white metal tracks, such as those made by Friulmodel or ours. Just dip the tracks in the liquid for a few seconds and the metal will begin to appear dark and rusty very quickly, easily and effortlessly. You can vary the effect using different dilutions and varying lengths of soak. Using less product, you can achieve even better results than with our previous formula.

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