Metallic Airplanes & Jets


ערכת ווטרינג לפאנלים של מטוסים בצבעים מתכתיים.

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Metallic Airplanes & Jets AMIG-7423
ערכת ווטרינג לפאנלים של מטוסים בצבעים מתכתיים
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AMIG-1602 PLW Deep Grey
AMIG-1617 PLW Blue Black
AMIG-1618 PLW Deep Brown

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Metallic Airplanes & Jets
Set for washes and defining panel lines of any airplanes and jets in natural metal. Includes 3 colors from Panel Line Wash line, allowing us to easily outline these aircraft with different intensities for each area. Also useful for jet engines parts and hydraulic systems. Includes colors:

A.MIG-1602 PLW Deep Grey
A.MIG-1617 PLW Blue Black
A.MIG-1618 PLW Deep Brown

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