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Master Scale Modelling 75.020
ספר הדרכה מקיף מאת אומן הדגמים חוזה בריטו
הספר נועד למתחילים ולמתקדמים ומלמד טכניקות שונות של בניה, צביעה וגימור דגמים.
הערה: עקב משקלו הגבוה של הספר (מעל 2 ק”ג), ניתן לשליחה עי”י שליח בלבד

Master Scale Modelling Vallejo 75020
In this book we find 10 years of work by the great modeler José Brito; throughout the 552 pages, the author shows his different techniques and tricks to build, construct and paint models, almost always in a setting of a diorama. The book has been written as much for novices as for experienced modelers, beginning with a description of the tools, materials and colors used by José Brito, and following with step by step descriptions of the models shown on the pages.
Being such a large work, the models in the book cover a large number of subjects: buildings of different periods, sea and beaches, wooded areas and deserts, realistic settings or Science Fiction scenes, different seasons of the year, figures and military vehicles and aircraft. In all cases, the author presents the step by step processes in a clear way, with all the information needed to obtain the surprising results which are shown in the book.
Although this publication has not been conceived as a guide, the multiple examples shown are perfect for finding most of the building and painting techniques which are actually in use, the more basic ones as well as the most complex, which lets the modeler choose the technique most suited to the subject.
Number of pages: 552
Format: A4
Language: English
Author: José Brito

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