Flex-Pad Single, Medium 280 Grit


פד שיוף בינוני 280 גריט

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Flex-Pad Single, Medium 280 Grit #2800
פד שיוף בינוני 280 גריט. דו צדדי וקצה מחודד. אורך חיים גדול.

Flex-Pad’s Flexible Sanders with a New Angled End
Available in a handy 1/2” X 6” size with one end round and the other end sports the New Long Reach Angle.  The Flex-Pad colours correspond with the familiar tape grit colours, providing consistency.  Padded support provides evenly distributed pressure over board for finishing concave and convex surfaces without digging in or causing excessive scratching.  This product is ideal for sanding and blending materials of dissimilar texture and hardness.  Flex-Pads can be used for wet or dry applications

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