Figure Painting Brushes set


ערכה של 3 מכחולי קולינסקי לדמויות

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Figure Painting Brushes set MP1019
ערכת 3 מכחולים לצביעת דמויות (ושימושים אחרים) עשויים שיער מזנב מרתה קולינסקי
מכחול 0
מכחול 5/0
מכחול 9/0


Figure Painting Brushes set MP-1019
Special set for figure painters with a selection of basic tips. Of course they can also be used for other precision work.
Brushes of hair of tail of Marta Kolinsky. Handmade with a very sharp, durable tip for the most precise work.
They have a perfect balance between elasticity and ability to load paint.
This set contains 3 brushes:
MP1013 (0)
MP1009 (5-0)
MP1005 (9-0)


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