Aces High Magazine Issue 1


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Aces High Magazine Issue 1 AK2900
Night Fighters
סדרה של חוברות הדרכה העוסקות בכל הקשור בבניית דגמי מטוסים מפלסטיק.
חוברת מספר 1 עוסקת במטוסי הקרב הליליים של גרמניה. כמובן שניתן ליישם את הטכניקות המוסברות גם לדגמי מטוסים אחרים.

Aces High Magazine Issue 1 AK-2900
High quality magazine dedicated exclusively to the world of model airplanes. The focus is on the painting and weathering of model aircraft. Each issue will be structured around a new theme which will recur throughout that Issue. We have sought out some of the best modelers in the world to show us step-by-step how to make, paint, and weather model aircraft. This first issue is dedicated to the German Night Fighters along with extra pages and many surprises. This magazine forms the back bone of our new AIR Series. This magazine will be an instant collectable so make sure you get your copy today and perhaps even two copies, one to read and another to collect and keep in unread mint condition

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